PlayStation VR2, does Sony really have the resources to make it a success?

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Playstation VR2 is about to arrive in stores: the official release date of the new virtual reality viewer is set for February 22, yet there is a certain caution around the device produced by sonyso much so that many wonder if the Japanese house really has the resources to make it a success.

Bloomberg recently reported some rumors according to which Sony would have halved the production of PlayStation VR2 due to disappointing pre-orders, a rumor immediately denied by the company but frankly more than likely, if we consider the price sales equal to a good € 599.99.

This is a significant obstacle to the diffusion of the viewer, an even higher figure than that necessary to buy one PS5 to connect it to. Who can afford to invest such a sum blindfolded? Most likely the bulk of users will wait to see if this time the software support from Sony will be up to the task.

And that’s where the company’s ability to withstand the enormous strain of launching a new platform and getting its installed base reaches such dimensions as to become attractive also and above all for third parties, who at that point will bring their most recent virtual reality titles released on PC and/or Meta Quest 2 to PlayStation VR2.

It’s the software that sells the hardware, always, and Sony will have to use a lot of resources to make them exclusives necessary to bring this new device to success. However, it will also and above all depend on the users, given that the VR market remains a niche in constant expectation of a product that can clear this technology for the general public.

Will PlayStation VR2 be this product? Let’s talk about.

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