PlayStation VR2, first official images on the final design

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Sony presented in these minutes the first official images on design definitive of PlayStation VR2the new version of the virtual reality viewer for PS5, which presents itself with a new shape and more in line with the next gen console.

In the images we see the viewer and the details controller of new conception that had already been previously announced by Sony, characterized by the particular round shape and somehow close to the design of the central headset as well.

The first official PlayStation VR 2 image

The design of PlayStation VR2, as also explained by Sony in a presentation post on the official blog, is inspired by the PS5 characteristic shape and colordesigned with the intention of recalling the style of the console but also with an eye to ergonomics.

PlayStation VR2, a shot of the interior

PlayStation VR2, a shot of the interior

For this reason, Sony has conducted extensive tests and investigations in order to build a headset as much as possible comfortable to wear even for longer sessions, also welcoming the experience made with the first PlayStation VR, of which the adjustment system on the head is replicated through a simple single adjustable headband.

Likewise, there remains the adjustment distance from the lens and the presence of the jack for the use of headphones, thus continuing on the road already traveled by the previous model.

PlayStation VR2 and controllers viewed from the side

PlayStation VR2 and controllers viewed from the side

As a novelty, PlayStation VR2 features a wheel for adjusting the lenses, so you can control the inter-pupillary distance that changes from user to user and a lighter design so as to reduce weight and make it more comfortable to support on the head. Another novelty is the presence of an engine capable of generating vibrations as feedback, which should further favor immersion in virtual reality games.

Among the most important innovations, the designer Yujin Morisawa highlights the presence of a new one ventilation system that allows improved ventilation inside the headset: in the upper and front part above the viewer, the designers have inserted a ventilation system that allows better ventilation to flow inside the headset, which should prevent the problem of overheating and fogging of the lenses.

For the rest, last month we saw the official technical characteristics of the new PS5 headset, the opening of the official website and the announcement of Horizon Call of the Mountain as the first official game dedicated.

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