PlayStation VR2: our unboxing video reveals all the details of the PS5 headset

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In case you haven’t seen it, we’ll also report it below: here’s ours video unboxing Of Playstation VR2in which we reveal all the PS5 headset details in this long study on the packaging, elements and characteristics of the device.

In over five minutes of video, we see Pierpaolo Greco introduce us to PlayStation VR2 starting from opening the box and watching his packaging official.

Like any self-respecting unboxing, this too follows the basic rules, focusing a lot on the details of the box and its internal elements.

In short, unboxing maniacs have something to rejoice in, also because the elements inside the official PlayStation VR package are really many and also require some time to be opened, handled, assembled and used properly.

The video is largely silent, with Pierpaolo leaving the floor to the vision of the object itself. On the other hand, we have already said a lot about PlayStation VR2, in particular with the latest test on the PS5 headset before the market launch and with the tested Horizon Call of the Mountain, which is preparing to be the flagship game of this awaited evolution of virtual reality according to Sony.

For the rest, we await at this point the official release date of PlayStation VR2, which is set for February 22, 2023 and is therefore not very far away at this point.

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