PlayStation VR2: the design of the headset has been unveiled; convinces you or not?

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Today, February 22, 2022, Sony Interactive Entertainment unveiled the design of the PlayStation VR2, the evolution of the PS VR augmented reality headset. This new device will be compatible with PS5 and will offer new games, such as the already announced Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Today’s announcement, however, was meant first and foremost for show the viewer. Even if it has been rumored for some time, in fact, there had not yet been an opportunity to see – even if only thanks to a few images – PlayStation VR2. We had gotten to see the controllers, but as we found out today it was only a provisional design. The final version in fact provides a white-black color, which follows the style of PS5.

PlayStation VR2, side view

The same can be said of PlayStation VR 2. It is actually a perfectly predictable choice, given that it is clear, as demonstrated by the Pulse 3D headphones and other official accessories, that Sony wants to create a “family” of devices with a style consistent and that the public can easily associate with each other.

In the PS Blog post, Hideaki Nishino – Senior Vice President of the Platform Plannig & Management division – explains that the goal of PlayStation VR2 is to offer excellent ergonomics, evolving rather than modifying what was achieved with the first headset (in a nutshell, the adjustable headband and visor returns , also the position of the stereo headphone input is the same).

But there are also new functions, such as the lens wheel adjuster that allows you to adjust the distance between the lenses and the eyes, so as to optimize the view. The weight has been reduced and the design is thinner: this is not a small achievement, as new extra features have been added such as the haptic feedback motor. There was also careful work to ensure excellent ventilation.

Recall also that the PlayStation VR2 will offer games in 4K HDRwill be connected to PS5 with a single cable, will have a new internal / external detection of the camera, will read the position of the eyes to take advantage of various technologies and more.

In a nutshell, it is a headset for virtual reality interesting, but until we have the opportunity to try it firsthand it will be impossible to give a true judgment on ergonomics and on the technology inside.

PlayStation VR2, top view

PlayStation VR2, top view

Right now, however, we can give a first judgment on the external appearance of the device. PlayStation VR2, as mentioned, continues with the style of PS5 is it perhaps a little too similar to many other competing headsets? It should also be said, however, that the purpose of a viewer is to be worn and therefore not seen at the time of use, so the lack of uniqueness of this device is secondary? What do you think about it? Does the look of a VR headset affect your purchase? Let’s talk about.

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