PlayStation VR2: Tobii could be the provider of the software technology for eye-tracking

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Tobii, the world’s leading manufacturer of eye tracking technology, has released a statement revealing that it is in talks with Sony to become a supplier of PlayStation VR2 eye-tracking software.

Tobii manufactures eye and head tracking cameras for PC use, as well as dedicated software. For the moment, everything is still in the negotiation phase, so it is not certain that Tobii will become Sony’s actual supplier for PlayStation VR2.

PS VR2 controllers

Tobii Eye Tracker 5 improves “your experience by bringing your instincts to the whole of the game itself. All this is made possible by lights and sensors that calculate the position of the gaze on the screen of your device”.

Eye tracking, with PlayStation VR2, will be used with foveated rendering which dynamically adjusts the game’s resolution depending on where we’re looking at.

The fact that Sony is still in talks about choosing PS VR2’s eye tracking software suggests that the release is not in the very short term. However, some analysts have predicted an exit at the end of 2022, if there are no production delays.

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