PlayStation: Yoshida played an unreleased souls-like and it’s not Elden Ring

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Shuhei Yoshidahead of PlayStation Indies, has revealed that he has played a souls-like game not released yet and he also specified that it is not Elden Ring. What could it be?

Everything was revealed through a tweet, which you can see below, in which Yoshida indicates the last five games he has played: Horizon Forbidden West, Genshin Impact, Sifu, an unreleased puzzle action game, and an unreleased souls-like game. In a second tweet, also reported below, it is specified that it is not Elden Ring.

As for the “puzzle action”, it is impossible to even speculate as it is too general a definition to understand what Yoshida is talking about. In the case of the Souls-likeHowever, we do have a couple more bases. Fans, we are sure, will be hoping for something as incredible as Bloodborne 2, but the fact that we are talking about “unreleased” rather than “unannounced” makes us think that it is nothing so particular. Furthermore, it seems unlikely that the head of PlayStation Indies would suggest that he had played an unknown AAA via a simple tweet of this type.

The most likely solution is that we are talking about Salt and Sacrifice (which we have already tried), a sequel to Salt and Sanctuary, arriving on May 10 on PC and exclusively on PS4 / PS5 consoles. A second possibility is that it is Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, souls-like arriving on March 18, 2022: being a Japanese game from Square Enix (but developed by Team Ninja) and considering the good relations from Sony and Square Enix, it is not impossible that Yoshida has had the opportunity to try it. In any case, we believe the first hypothesis more credible.

Players are also targeting Thymesia and Lies of P. Obviously these are just speculations, but they are a clear symbol of the public’s passion for the genre and the fact that there are more and more games that are inspired by the souls. Tell us, what is the unannounced souls-like you want most?

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