Population: One Sandbox announced for Meta Quest, evolution of the BigBox shooter

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BigBox VR announced Population: One Sandboxa new evolution of the shooter Population: One for Meta Quests and Meta Quests 2which expands the concept of the previous chapter into an even larger and freely explorable world.

As we can deduce from the title itself, Population: One Sandbox is a derivation of the first-person shooter for virtual reality which places in the hands of the players a large freely explorable sandbox, with a large amount of activities and game situations to take part in.

BigBox therefore takes up its title which has already met with considerable success on Meta Quest to propose an all-round evolution, which expands its contents and structure until it becomes a new chapter and in some respects unpublished and different from the initial one.

Population: One Sandbox, the first official image

Having become quite popular in the Meta Quest player community, Population: One is based above all on the classic battle royale-style multiplayer gameplay, while the new chapter also features somewhat different modes.

With the debut of Population: One Sandbox, the developers explain, we will be able to take the action anywhere: in a moon base, in a Viking village or in a sword fight in zero gravity. The game doesn’t have one yet release date precise but is expected for December 2022, pending further more specific information, and has a first image visible on this page.

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