“Press X For Trophies” is a title that makes fun of fake trophy-giving video games

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A new video game has appeared through the American PS Store: Press X For Trophies. It is a title that, as far as it is possible to understand from the description, makes fun of these video games that exist only to give away trophies (Platinums included) quickly and easily.

There Description of Press X For Trophies reads, in translation: “Games are often made to be challenging, or at least they used to be. These days things have gotten a little easier. Press X For Trophies is a game created to help explain how things should change and how the world of video games is changing. It’s slightly ironic and the story is told through the trophy system.”

The publisher and developer is “Game Achievements Ltd”, a company born in June 2022 with registered office in London. For the moment the game is priceless and has no release date or reference platform, but we can see that it will support Game Help, which means that there will be at least one PS5 version. The only image of the game is the one you can see below.

Press X for Trophies

In all honesty, we don’t know if this is a real video game and if it will ever see the light of day, but in any case it puts a “problem” of console video games. There are a large amount of low-level games designed solely to easily give away trophies to players. They don’t hurt anyone of course and the trophy system has no real value, but from an academic point of view it is an interesting phenomenon.

Press X for Trophies could therefore be an interesting game that criticism the gaming market. However, we will have to wait for news from the developers.

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