Prince of Persia: a remake postponed indefinitely, according to a rumor

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Ubisoft may have deleted a remake of Prince of Persiaprobably that of The Sands of Time, at least according to a rumor collected by the usual Jason Schreier and published as part of a general report on the problems of the French publisher.

In reality, the brief mention of the cancellation of the project does not specify anything about it, so it could also be a title not yet announced. However it is normal that the mind immediately goes to the only game related to the franchise known to exist, namely a Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake.

Ubisoft may have been persuaded to stop it from the excessive cost of revising the graphic aspect, after the excessive reactions of gamers at the time of the announcement. The development team may not have been able to significantly improve it and Ubisoft, to avoid another bad figure, may have decided to pull the plug, putting an end to the matter. Of course we specify that these are all hypotheses and that nothing is confirmed.

Of course, in the event it would be a blow to Prince of Persia fans, who have been waiting for a new title of any kind for years.

Ubisoft did not comment on the Bloomberg news on its own, stating only that they have a large line-up in preparation for the next few years.

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