Project Spartacus is almost ready and will focus on classic games, but not full ones, for Grubb

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VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb said according to rumors Project Spartacusthe PlayStation Game Pass, is almost ready for launch. Not only that, it also starts that it will focus a lot on classic titles.

Of course it is right to take everything with a grain of salt, since we are talking about indiscretions. However, there is now increasing talk of Project Spartacus and many are betting that Sony is about to prepare the official announcement.

Grubb: “Launch time is probably approaching and something is likely to happen by the end of the month. I don’t mean something public, but internal milestones in the development of the project.”

According to Grubb, Spartacus will have three price ranges, with the highest being $ 16 per month: “Currently they are called Essential, Extra and Premium. Prices may be placeholders, but they should cost: $ 10 per month Essential. $ 13 a month Extra and $ 16 a month Premium. “

What will the players from the different bands get? “For the $ 16 / month Premium … will you get full games? Not really … it’s going to be like EA Play. You will be able to try the full games. I don’t know if this will apply to all upcoming games, but it seems that That will be it. Plus you’ll get classic games and streaming. None of the other bands will have cloud streaming. “

Grubb isn’t quite sure what classic games mean, but says it’s one of the biggest offerings in the Premium range.

The Extra range should instead include a catalog of about 250-300 downloadable games, those currently on the PlayStation Now: “There will be no cloud, but you will get 300 games to download.” We imagine that they will also be included in the Premium range. Essential, finally, will be like the “PlayStation Plus with monthly games, identical to the current one.”

Grubb concludes by stating that he does not know the annual price of the various Project Spartacus bands.

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