Project Wormwood could be a new game from a Zenimax studio, Xbox exclusive

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Shpeshal_Nick has revealed the existence of an unreleased title in development at a development studio among those of Zenimax: Project Wormwood (job name). The insider has revealed very little about the project, which should be one strategic in real time. Unfortunately, he could not even say which studio he is dealing with precisely, a sign that he too has received very vague information on the matter.

The only certainty is that it will be a ‘Xbox exclusive, considering that Zenimax was acquired in full by Microsoft about a year ago. Given the genre, it could come out first on PC and then on Xbox Series X and S, but the launch is more likely to be simultaneous. Provided that the indiscretion is officially confirmed.

Shpeshal_Nick, usually very reliable with his rumors, talked about Project Wormwood in the last episode of his podcast, Xbox Era, at 01:20:00.

Note that, being a working name, the game could also belong to a well-known franchise. According to some, it may be in the works at Roundhouse Studioswhose current projects are actually unknown (in the past there was talk of a third person shooter, never emerged), but which is known to have been working on something for 2-3 years.

Others think it could be a game of Arkane, even if the developer of Dishonored isn’t really used to the RTS genre. So all the hypotheses are valid, at this stage, even the one that the project is canceled behind the scenes and nothing is ever known.

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