PS Store: Sony has fixed the “problem” of the What’s New section

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As reported by a user on NeoGAF, it seems that Sony has solved a “problem” (if you want to define it that way) del PS Store. The digital store, in fact, offers a section dedicated to Announcements, or the latest published games. The point though is that this section was inundated with small low quality games.

One of the problems with digital stores, when they make it easier for indie developers to publish their games, is that they are flooded with low-priced, low-level games, often designed to attract players looking for easy trophies (and there is a video game that makes fun of this practice, just coming to PlayStation). The PS Store also suffered from this problem and the news sectionmanaged in chronological order, was practically useless for finding the best recently released games.

Now, as confirmed by ourselves via PS5, we can see what section is sorted by number of downloads, taking into consideration the latest games released. In this way you can immediately see which are the best games (or at least the ones that have attracted the most attention) of the last period, without having to go through dozens and dozens of “fake” video games. Below you can see an example shared on NeoGAF showing the current list in the US version.

PSN, news section

This solution perhaps it risks overshadowing those quality newly released indies that fail to become top sellers right away, but it’s probably a better way to manage the What’s New section than the previous one.

Tell us, do you think the PlayStation store highlights the best games available enough? Even the lesser-known “little pearls”?

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