PS5: Gameplay and screenshot sharing via PlayStation App, in some countries

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Sony has announced that it will gradually introduce the possibility of share gameplay videos and screenshots captured by PS5 through the PlayStation Appor the official application on Android and iOS, starting from some countries among which, however, Italy does not figure at the moment.

The launch of this feature is expected in the next few hours in North America, South America and Japan, but it is not yet planned for Europe, apparently. In practice, the new option allows automatic upload of recorded videos through the PS5 video capture system on the PlayStation App database, obviously linked to your console account, to then make sharing more easily.

Once the update is received, the app introduces a new tab on captures within the section dedicated to games, where you must accept the option to enable the automatic capture function.

Once this is done, all screenshots captured through the Create menu or the Create button, as well as videos not in 4K and under three minutes, will be automatically loaded in the mobile app for 14 days, as long as the PS5 is placed in rest mode and connected to the internet.

Basically, it is the same functionality that has been present for some time on Xbox through the specific app of the Microsoft console, with the difference that on PS5 there is no possibility to manually select the images to be loaded. At this point, we await information on the extension of the functionality also in Europe, on which there is currently no official information.

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