PS5, Jade Raymond talks about Haven’s first project: it will push the console to the limit

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Jade Raymond and some of his colleagues from Haven talked about the team’s first project currently in development for PS5 and the intention of push the new Sony console to the limitmaking full use of its capabilities.

As we know, Haven works on a PS5 exclusive and the studio components have a great deal of experience in the gaming industry, so much so that Sony asked him to start producing immediately. two or three games for the platform, but they preferred to start with a single title.

“Our goal will be to push the technical capabilities of PlayStation 5 beyond the current limits, “explained Jade Raymond.” We will have the opportunity to work with some people at Sony who are among the best in their field, and this will allow us to create games of excellent quality, “added his colleague Paola Jouyaux. , co-founder of the company.

As we know, Haven’s first project will be a ‘persistent online experience for PC and PlayStation, along the lines of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege but probably not a shooter, as the studio wants to bring concepts such as inclusion and affection into its titles.

“It’s not just going to be about games, it’s about social platforms for many users, “explained Paula Joynaux. That’s the way it should be: to last, a game must remain pleasant to visit.”

“We have ambitious projects, but we will adapt to the situation,” said Raymond, but with an emphasis on products rather than the growth of the studio. “It’s the content that matters: we want to stay focused on the gaming experience and what attracts users.”

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