PS5: patent for “accelerated ray tracing” discovered, is created by Mark Cerny

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Sony Interactive Entertainment and Mark Cerny recorded a patent linked to a system of “accelerated ray tracing“, which could be related in some way to PS5.

The patent was noted and shared on Twitter by the user Zuby_Tech. As you can see for yourself below, the patent was made visible on February 24, 2022 and speaks of a “system and method for accelerated ray tracing” as well as “system and method for accelerated ray tracing with asynchronous operations and ray transformation” .

As always, we remind you that a patent does not necessarily mean that Sony is actually planning to make this type of technology. Most of the time, patents are just a way to secure an idea. We also remember that PS5 already offers ray tracing, so this possible novelty could be linked to an enhanced version, as the word “accelerated” suggests.

For the moment it is impossible to say much. We will see in the future if this patent will be somehow used by the Japanese company. Mark Cerny, remember, is the chief engineer behind the creation of PS5 and creator of Knack, the discussed PS4 exclusive.

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