PS5 sold 70% more than Xbox Series X | S, for Ampere Analysis

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At the end of 2021 PS5 sold the 70% more units as compared to Xbox Series X | Saccording to estimates shared by Ampere Analysis analyst Piers Harding-Rolls.

As we know from the official data released by Sony, at the end of last year PS5 reached 17.2 million consoles sold. As far as Xbox Series X | S is concerned, precise data is not known, as it is not shared by Microsoft, but we know that they are doing better than any other Xbox console. According to Harding-Roll estimates, the two consoles of the Redmond giant are altogether about 10.3 million units.

“Sony ended 2021 with PS5 sales reaching 17.1 million units, about 1.7 times more than Xbox Series X | S sales,” says the Ampere Analysis analyst. “At this early stage of the life cycle, the momentum for global sales is with Sony, but its potential has been undermined by the availability of the product.”

Xbox Series X | S and PS5

Daniel Ahmad, analyst at Nico Partners, estimated a few weeks ago that Xbox Series X | S hit 12 million units at the end of 2021, but for Harding-Rolls the installed base is significantly lower.

“Microsoft ended 2021 with its Xbox Series family reaching overall 10.3 million units soldwhich is in line with the Xbox One cycle, ”says Harding-Rolls, adding that he estimates that more Series S units have been sold than X.

“The availability of Xbox Series S, the cheaper and less powerful model, was better than Series X and that, along with Xbox Game Pass, drove the sales of this digital-only device. Ampere estimates that the sales for Series S were higher to those of Series X at the end of 2021 “.

Also according to Ampere Analys estimates, PS5 will sell twice as many Xbox Series X | S units over the course of 2022, but less than Nintendo Switch.

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