PS5: still no VRR in the new update, the controversies are triggered

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PS5 is about to receive a update important in beta scheduled for today, February 9, 2022, but among the many innovations announced, some technical solutions are still missing such as the VRR or the video output at 1440p, which started some controversy by more technophile users.

Indeed, although the 1440p has never been officially considered by Sony, support for VRR was indeed expected shortly, but the news of its arrival, which always seems to be imminent, has practically followed one another since the launch of the console, in November 2020. always remaining unofficial.

PS5 gets several new features with the new beta update of February 2022

The lack of the feature in the official information of the next beta update seems to indicate that there is still a little to wait before we see support for the Variable Refresh Rate, pending official information.

Already last year, around this period, there was talk of VRR arriving in March 2021, then the hope was fueled by the arrival of the technology on some Sony TVs such as Bravia X900H and finally, just last month, a report reported the arrival of VRR support soon, but this does not seem to be present even in the new update coming in beta.

Of course, it could still be inserted into the new update once this one comes up distributed to the publictherefore it is too early to despair, but the absence of this feature has not gone unnoticed by many.

Already present and leveraged since the launch of the Xbox Series X | S (but also on the latest Xbox One models), VRR is an interesting option for gamers because it helps maintain a stable frame-rate in games by synchronizing frames. and avoiding any annoying graphic artifacts such as screen tearing or stuttering.

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