PS5: stocks are increasing, the excellent results in the UK and USA prove it

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Apparently the availability of PS5 in stores is finally improving in a concrete way, as demonstrated by the excellent results recorded by the console in United Kingdom and USA in recent months, where it is first in the rankings for total revenues.

This is pointed out by Christopher Dring, editor-in-chief of, who as you may know has access to GfK data for the UK market.

In his view, “PS5 stocks appear to be improving at the same rate in the US and UK, with the console now number 1 in both markets by revenue. Switch is still ahead in terms of units sold.”

Indeed, looking at the UK sales charts in recent months, it is possible to notice a positive trend for PS5 games, such as Horizon Forbidden West, explained precisely by an increase in console stocks.

The hope therefore is that the availability of PS5 will actually continue to improve further in the coming months. Moreover, Sony itself plans to increase production during the course of the autumn.

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