PS5: the beta update moves the PS Plus icon and blocks it, news coming for the subscription?

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A new PS5 update was made available, in beta format, to a limited number of players this week. Various new features that will be introduced in this update have been officially revealed, but some remained a secret until they were noticed by the players. An example is the fact that the PS Plus logo is now pinned to the top of the PS5 taskbar.

As you can see in the tweet below, the PS Plus icon appears to the left of the PlayStation Store icon. In the public version of the PS5 firmware currently available, the PS Plus icon is instead mobile: it is considered as any game or application and moves to the left when it is used and slowly moves to the right when the games are started.

This is a minor change, but it hints that Sony wants it make the PS Plus more visible. Perhaps, as suggested by the tweet, it is also a way to highlight the icon dedicated to the PlayStation subscription, in anticipation of the arrival of the much talked about “Spartacus”, or that sort of fusion between Plus and Now.

For the moment it is, mind you, a speculation. The PS5 beta update will be made available to all players at some point. If you want to know what other news it includes, you can refer to our original news.

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