PT on PS5, a modder managed to run it without jailbreak

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pt is playable on PS5 without even needing to jailbreakapparently: the known modders Lance McDonald managed to run Hideo Kojima’s famous playable teaser on the new Sony console through a procedure that was not simple.

Last August PT turned eight and Hideo Kojima recalled the birth of the project, which users were able to “decrypt” in record time, leaving the Japanese game designer with a bitter taste in his mouth: he thought that it would take more to reveal the surprise.

“Ahahahahahah, I managed to get PT to run on one Playstation 5 updated and without jailbreak! Eat the sh*t, Konami!” McDonald wrote rather colorfully, attaching a video of his feat.

“This console has never been jailbroken, I was simply able to transfer a modded PS4 emulator from a jailbroken PS5 using a USB backup to unlock the game on my primary PlayStation 5!”

Since the release of the PS5 jailbreak, the modder has engaged in a series of datamining to discover the secrets of some games, including Elden Ring and Demon’s Souls.

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