PUBG developers want to make the rival of Escape from Tarkov

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Krafton and team at PUBG seem to get serious with the new project in development, which seems to pose as a rival of Escape from Tarkov given that it should share its general approach, as also reported by Insider-Gaming.

The concept is that of“extraction shooter”, which is a shooter where players find themselves inside a hostile area, with the need to survive and advance to an extraction point. It is to such an idea that “Project BlackBudget” also seems to aim, as the new game in development at the PUBG team seems to be currently identified.

It is indeed one PvPvE open world shooter and characterized by a particularly accurate gunplay, as well as an evolving game setting that offers a remarkable variety of situations. This particular sub-genre of the first-person shooter is gaining momentum, first with Escape from Tarkov and recently also with Call of Duty’s DMZ mode, so it’s quite likely that other takes on this type of game will emerge.

Krafton’s project should have been in development for some time, but specific mention of it is also found in the company’s new financial documents, which state that the game should be aimed at PC, console and mobile platforms, as well as PUBG itself.

At this point we are awaiting any official information, however taking into consideration that it will probably take a long time to see the game in action, given that it could arrive between 2024 and 2025.

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