Rainbow Six Siege: all the news that will arrive with year 7

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We told you how Rainbow Six Siege is preparing to enter its year 7 with the proven operation of Demon Veil. But that’s not all: theYear 7 of R6Sin fact, it will be full of rich contents and improvements that will smooth out different corners of the playful experience of the game.

The formula ofyear 7 will be the same as always: four expansions each with a new operator and purchasable individually with the Battle Pass or all together with the new Season Pass. R6S is approaching Year 7 with 62 operators, 21 maps and 80 million players, 5 of whom have arrived in recent months.

The Rainbow Six: Siege Year 7 roadmap

Once we pass Demon Veil, the game will take us in Belgium with the second Operation which will also see the arrival of a new map dedicated to Team Deathmatch. This map will be designed specifically for the new mode and will not enter the competitive maps circle. In this Operation, the first works on improving the quality of life and the fight against cheaters will also begin and work on improving the game on consoles will begin, such as new possibilities for customizing inputs. Regarding the quality of life, the situations of cancellation of matches and problems regarding the cheater match will be improved.

The arrival of the Shooting range. A mode in which the player will be able to freely and calmly experiment with the weapons and attachments to understand the recoil and firing rate of each gun well.

The third Operation will instead see the insertion of an Operator from Singapore and the arrival of a new map for the competitive pool. During this operation the biggest novelty will be the rework of the so-called ranked match system Ranked 2.0. It is a division between your soldier’s progression and the value of your skill as a player. In this way the team aims to guarantee on the one hand rewards to all players and on the other hand to provide a more balanced matchmaking, based on performance and not on the age of the account.

Also will debut a kind of academywhich is a series of information and explanations packaged on each individual operator and designed to help players make the most of each soldier, with advice on weapons, attachments and skills.

Also in this Operation, the improvements on consoles will continue. The work against the cheater will see the arrival this season of two new situations: the first will be the direct report by the players who will now be able to provide various information about the meeting with a cheater while the second introduction will also be the arrival on video in the BETA version of the behavioral reputation system that has so far worked in the background.

The fourth and final Operation of Year 7 will take us to Colombia with the new South American Operator, but there will be no new map introduced. Here the focus of the season will be on balancing all the introductions made in the previous ones, officially launching the new player reputation system based on behavior, finalizing the improvements for the console game and finally introducing the section permanently. Arcade between the modalities. As for the launch of cross-play, the latter has finally been scheduled and postponed by the end of 2022.

The idea of ​​the development team was therefore to concentrate in this year a large number of innovations that on paper will revolutionize Rainbow Six Siege as we know it. The goal is always to make the game a welcoming place for fans. The fight against cheaters and the most problematic situations will take a decisive turn and at the same time we will try to offer new ways to improve in game, to train and also permanent leisure situations and no longer relegated to certain periods of the year. The team wants to create a single ecosystem where players don’t have too many differences based on the platform they play on. Also for this reason the cross play has been postponed to be perfected, but above all launched once most of the improvements to the console game have been made.

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