Rainbow Six: Siege, crossplay and crossplatform postponed, PC and console will not be able to play together

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During the presentation of the Year 7 of Rainbow Six: Siege Ubisoft has given bad news to all fans of its tactical shooter. The crosspay and the crossplatform, two of the most awaited technical innovations by all players, will not arrive immediately, on the contrary. Their arrival is scheduled for end of 2022. Furthermore, at least initially, the PC and console communities will remain separate and will not be able to play together.

The crossplatform it is one of the greatest achievements of recent years. In this way, players connect with the game and not with the platform. One thing that allows users to unify their progress and use them everywhere, but above all the developer to compact communities, regardless of the platform used.

A game with an active and long-lived community like R6S sees in the crossplatform a fundamental step for its future growth: uniting the three families (PC, Xbox and PlayStation) will allow for a more homogeneous development, but above all to bring together many “divided” friends from choices of different platforms.

Alexander KarpazisCreative Director, e Mohammed Benhenneda, Live Performance and Business Strategy Director, however, have announced that this expected update will take longer than expected. “We have 7 years of items, advancements and customizations that go together and we don’t want players to lose anything in the process,” they confirmed. “For this reason we need a few more months of work to do everything in the best way.”

Once the update is ready, players will have a unique profile and progress that they can take to all platforms, but the crossplay will be limited to the different consoles. “At the moment the crossplay will be active only for console players, who will not be able to play against PC players and vice versa,” confirmed the project leaders, answering why no aiming aids will be added to level the differences between the PC and console game. .

Problems that will be postponed later, once the team has put in place new anti-cheat tools to limit the phenomenon, especially on PC.

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