Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Demon Veil: trailer and gameplay of Azami, the new operator

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Ubisoft has officially unveiled Season 1 of Year 7’s Rainbow Six Siegeentitled Demon Veilis the new operator Azamiprotagonist of a CGI trailer (in the player above) and of a gameplay video that presents his gadget and presents the characteristics of this character.

Azami is a rather particular operator, as she allows you to “fix” the maps of Rainbow Six Siege rather than destroy them. She is a Defender with a value of 2 in armor and 2 in speed. As his main weapon he uses the 9X19VSN submachine gun or the ACS12 shotgun. As a secondary weapon the D-50 pistol and as a secondary gadget either the barbed wire or the fragmentation grenade.

In fact, Azami’s ability consists of gods Kunai that once thrown against a surface, such as a wall, release a substance that expands and solidifies in a few moments, becoming similar to concrete (therefore resistant to bullets) and taking the shape of an oriental umbrella. This gadget therefore proves useful for plugging holes created by other operators, blocking lines of sight, blocking entry points and creating completely new defense angles.

As you can read in our Rainbow Six Siege trial: Operation Demon Veil, Azami is just one of the many new features coming with the new Ubisoft shooter season, including a new map, Team Deathmatch mode, quality of life improvements. , various balances.

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