Rainbow Six: Siege, Ranked 2.0 arrives, a system for having a fairer matchmaking

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Among the novelties of year 7 of Rainbow Six: Siege there will be Ranked 2.0. Behind this name, the developers have hidden a new system for evaluating the performance of players and the progression of their profile. Their goal is to make the fairer matchmaking and to allow the profile to grow and earn rewards regardless of performance.

With Ranked 2.0, in fact, the performance as players and their profile growth will be spun off. This means that you can be very good players, but with a young profile, and rather poor veterans, without this going to influence the opponents faced. The growth of the profile and the rewards obtained will no longer be linked to performance: in this way you will be able to obtain more items, despite the performance.

This allows, moreover, to make the math that decides your game level “faster” so as to team up with opponents of the same level. It will be only the skill to decide the division. Furthermore, since the strength of each player is counted only on performance, this allows you to eliminate team limits and to make veterans play with new players: matchmaking will make up a team of opponents of similar strength.

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