Record of Ragnarok, _yingying_g’s Aphrodite cosplay dominates the scene

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There Aphrodite Of Record of Ragnarok come back to us in a Optimal cosplay by _yingying_g, who represents her with great grace and mastery, making her completely dominate the scene.

Aphrodite, adorned throne, immortal, / daughter of Zeus, who weaves the nets, I beg you: / do not bend my soul, o lady, / with torments and afflictions.

The verses of the poem by Sappho dedicated to the goddess of beauty, they seem to have been specially made for this cosplay, which is particularly successful in reproducing the shameless attractiveness of the character, seeking blind devotion rather than admiration.

Come to me even now: free me from troubles / distressing: fill all the desires / of my soul; and you / be my ally.

Could _yingying_g’s Aphrodite be worthy of this role? Who can tell. In fact, the character of Record of Ragnarok marries little with the one described by mythology. Other eras and other delusions.

As you know, Netflix announced the arrival of the second season of the exclusive Record of Ragnarok anime, which will see more heated battles between gods and men.

Record of Ragnarok tells of a tournament organized by the gods to decide the fate of mankind. The representatives of the deities clash with those of our kind in ruthless combat. Who will win?

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