Record of Ragnarok: iamelliemoonstone’s Aphrodite cosplay is worthy of the goddess of beauty

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Record of Ragnarok it offers us many divinities from different cultures but one of the most loved is undoubtedly Aphrodite from Greek Olympus. The world of cosplay has repeatedly recreated this character and now it does too iamelliemoonstone: here is his Aphrodite cosplay.

The cosplay of iamelliemoonstone is of the highest quality. The character has been recreated in every detail in a perfect way, with great care for the backdrop, which recalls antiquity and sensuality with stone and red flowers. In her first shot, iamelliemoonstone captures us with her gaze, enchanting us as if she were truly a goddess with supernatural powers.

If you are a fan of the cosplay, here is the cosplay of Albedo by japp_leack. How not to mention the cosplay of Kokomi di likeassassin from Genshin Impact. Here is also the Tsunade cosplay from christa.cos. We close with clarequinnn’s Gwen-Venom cosplay.

Tell us, what do you think of iamelliemoonstone’s Aphrodite cosplay? Has the character been recreated in the best way or do you think you’ve seen higher quality versions?

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