Redfall will have the largest map of all Arkane games

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There redfall map It will be there bigger among those of all Arkane Austin games, the developer has revealed.

Harvey Smith – Studio director of Arkane – said that the entire Talos One, i.e. the setting of Prey (2017), is smaller than a single map that players will visit in one of the initial missions of Redfall.

Karen Segars, art director at Arkane, said Talos One was roughly 27,000 square feet. Redfall will therefore be quite large if a single map exceeds this figure.


Even though the game is massive, Arkane says the environmental storytelling typical of Arkhane games will not fail in Redfall.

Smith described Redfall as the more ambitious project of Arkane, but not just because of its size. Ricardo Bare, creative director of the game, instead spoke about the different approach taken by the team to design the city of Redfall.

“[Di norma] let’s start with something really weird and awesome like Dunwall or [una] space station, and then we work to make sure that players understand the space in which they move and know the environment,” he said of the creative process behind Dishonored and Prey. “But this time we purposely started from something familiar… and then we twisted it.”

Arkane also talked about other details of the game in a Redfall video that we showed you here.

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