Relayer, the demo on PS4 and PS5 has an official date

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There demo Of Relayer finally has one official date on PS4 and PS5, where it will arrive on February 25, 2022, or next week, Kadokawa Games announced in these hours, also reporting something about the contents of this trial version for the game exclusively on PlayStation platforms.

The Relayer demo contains i first two chapters of the main story, containing about 9 levels and another 12 levels of the Battle Simulator, thus allowing you to try a good section of the complete game, in order to then decide whether to switch to the purchase or not.

Relayer, an illustration for the game

During the trial of the demo, it is possible to reach experience level 30 as a maximum (out of the total 300 levels provided in the full game).

Also in this case, the saves made during the demo can then be transferred within the full game, so the initiative represents a real gradual introduction to Relayer, which allows you to carry all the progress made during the trial phase with you. once the complete purchase has been decided.

There exit date of Relayer is then set for March 24, 2022 on PS4 and PS5 all over the world and support for the Italian language has also been confirmed, as regards the texts on the screen. We saw a gameplay video of the game just on the occasion of the announcement of the demo in question: it is an RPG with a shooter element in a sci-fi setting, in which the protagonists are Starchildren, or humans with special abilities, who fight against an alien threat using combat robot.

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