Resident Evil 3, sales of over 5 million copies for the Capcom remake

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Resident Evil 3 has totaled sales for over 5 million copiesannounced Capcom: despite having started a little quietly, the remake of the historic third installment of the series has caught up.

Capable of selling over 2 million copies in the first five days, Resident Evil 3 then slowed down its run and its performance proved disappointing for the Japanese company, which hoped to repeat the success by Resident Evil 2.

“The new Resident Evil 3 reimagines 1999’s Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, incorporating the latest technology and leveraging Capcom’s proprietary engine, the RE Engineto deliver fresh gameplay experiences for both new fans and those who have enjoyed the original, “reads the press release.

“In addition to winning the Award for Excellence in the Game of the Year division of the Japan Game Awards at the Tokyo Game Show 2021, the sip of the year, and gaining positive feedback from users, the game’s user base is grown steadily. “

“Thanks to a strategy of digital promotion which added to the current pricing measures and focused on the PC version, bringing total sales of Resident Evil 3 to exceed five million copies. “

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