Resident Evil 4, the duration of the remake will be identical to the original

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There duration of the remake Of Resident Evil 4 will be identical to the original of 2005: the producer of the game, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi revealed it, saying that it is one of the aspects that according to the developers it was not the case to change.

Although therefore Resident Evil 4 Remake will have far fewer QTEs than the original and a number of others differencesthe adventure campaign starring Leon Kennedy will keep us busy for the same number of hours, on average between fifteen and twenty.

“When we started production on Resident Evil 4, we checked what users thought was good and what could have been done better in the RE2 and RE3 remakes,” Hirabayashi explained. “An example is the duration, which will be the same as the original.”

Clearly it will be interesting to understand how the development team will be able to keep this commitment, considering thefaster approach to gameplay which is easy to see in the latest videos released by Capcom.

We also talked about this in our special on the future of Resident Evil, from Resident Evil 4 Remake to the Village finale: check it out.

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