Resident Evil: announcement officially confirmed tomorrow, here’s what time

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The official Twitter account of Resident Evil Portal, a site dedicated to the Capcom saga, has confirmed that tomorrow there will be a ad dedicated to Resident Evil. Precisely, everything is expected for the February 15, 2022 at 08:00 (Italian time).

As you can see below, the Twitter account writes: “Oh, there is some suspicious activity going on at the Resident Evil Portal … It would seem that this is why all the staff around me have been so busy lately. Something will happen tomorrow at 04:00 PM ( JST), so we hope you’ll like it. ”

For the moment it is impossible to say what it is. We also remember that Capcom has started a countdown on its site, which will expire next week: that of Resident Evil is a separate event.

In the last period, thanks to a report, there has been talk of Resident Evil 4 Remake: it is possible that Capcom is ready to announce it. It could be a completely separate new project, or it could be something completely different.

The only clue is the tag “REBHFun“, or” Resident Evil BioHazard Fun “(fun = fun): it is therefore possible that it is not a great announcement. We just have to wait.

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