Resident Evil Code Veronica: a demake for PSX is in the works

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The youtuber and independent developer wiliammutazion is working on the demake for PSX Of Resident Evil Code Veronica. The goal is to create a smaller version of the game, with PlayStation-style graphics, while maintaining the same shots and tank controls.

Recently the demakes for PSX are multiplying, as well as the games that are graphically based on the first Sony console. Just think of the now very famous Bloodborne demake for another example, but taking a tour on you can find many more.

wiliammutazion posted a video to show the status of the work.

The footage lasts a little over a minute, but it helps to understand what the developer’s goal is. Of course it must be specified that Capcom is not involved in any way in the project, which moreover will be completely free. In reality Capcom will gain something, since it is a mod of Resident Evil 2.

However, it is unlikely that the Resident Evil Code Veronica demake will come out quickly, since a single person is working on it. However it is, it is an interesting project, to be followed carefully.

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