Resident Evil Outbreak, remaster coming soon? Assets redesigned on the official website

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Resident Evil Outbreak could soon be the protagonist of a remasteror at least that’s what an intertwining of factors suggests, starting with the fact that Capcom has redesigned several assets of the game for the official website of the series, in the historical section.

Of course, this operation alone would not have who knows what weight, however Resident Evil Outbreak also appeared among the games coming out according to the latest GeForce Now leak, dating back to last November.

The works carried out by Capcom in this case seem very similar to those that characterized Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster, but being a rumor it is clear that there are still no certainties about it: we will have to wait for a possible announcement.

Of course, at the moment the Osaka house seems really focused on the relaunch of its classics, see also the long-awaited remake of Resident Evil 4, whose official announcement should arrive this year, but there are also further renovations in the pipeline.

The well-known leaker Dusk Golem also expressed himself on the issue, saying that there is indeed the possibility that this operation is a teaser for the Resident Evil Outbreak remaster: we’ll see.

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