Resident Evil: The next games in the series could be in the third person

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Capcom for upcoming games in the series Resident Evil might consider going back to the third person view after Resident Evil 7 and Village which as we know are subjective. At least this is what we learn from a series of statements made by the developers of the Shadows of Rose DLC during the Tokyo Game Show 2022 and summarized by Dusk Golem on ResetEra.

The development team does not believe that one of the two cameras is objectively superior to the other, but that they simply offer two very different experiences. For example, they were very surprised by how much Resident Evil Village changes with the new third-person view that will be introduced on October 28th.

Looking to the future Capcom is not sure if it will be able to offer both visuals with the next games in the series, as it would require a considerable amount of work, with the developers evaluating which of the two is better case by case. For example, “Resident Evil 9” could be in the third person, then return to the subjective view with the next chapter, and so on.

An image from Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose

It has also been confirmed that unlike Village Resident Evil 7 will not receive an update with third person view in the future, as the game is designed exclusively for the first person. The developers said they have taken into consideration the feedback of fans who do not appreciate this approach, but nevertheless believe that the first-person view favors identification with the game world and enhances the fear factor, on which the game was built.

During the Tokyo Game Show 2022 the developers also shared new details on the Resident Evil Village Shadow of Rose DLC, one of which is that the expansion will focus more on survival elements than the base game.

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