Resident Evil Village: Anna Ahiru’s Bela Dimitrescu cosplay looks like something out of the game

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Resident Evil Village has the merit of having introduced a series of original villains, as never seen in previous chapters of the Capcom franchise. Today we propose the cosplay by Bela Dimitrescu realized by Anna Ahiru which seems straight out of the game.

Bela, together with her sisters Daniela and Cassandra, hunt down Ethen Winters during her misadventures in the gorgeous and dark Dimitrescu Castle. In the game we are presented as Lady Dimitrescu’s “daughters”, but in reality they are human beings mutated after terrible experiments with the parasite Cadou and who need to feed on blood to survive, just like vampires.

The Bela cosplay made by Anna Ahiru is simply perfect and looks like it came straight out of Resident Evil Village or an official live-action, as you can see for yourself in the shot below. The costume is impeccably made, with all the details meticulously cared for, and also the location used for the background is spot on.

Staying on the subject of bloodthirsty characters, we suggest the cosplay of Himiko Toga from Bloodraven who plays the crazy villain of My Hero Academia in a very original way.

What do you think of Bela Dimitrescu’s cosplay from Resident Evil Village by Anna Ahiru?

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