Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose will be more survival than action, new details on the DLC

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Through a series of interviews conducted during the Tokyo Game Show 2022, the developers of Capcom shared new details of Shadows of rosesthe DLC of Resident Evil Village starring Rose Winters, revealing among other things that the expansion will be more focused on survival elements than seen in the base game.

According to the words of director Kento Kinoshita, in Shadows of Rose will be harder to survive than any other game in the Resident Evil series. Gameplay as Rose will be more defensively oriented, as the goal will be to survive rather than kill everything that moves.

Kinoshita explains that Rose is not an expert with firearms and is not particularly athletic and this will be reflected in the gameplay: she will move slower than Ethan and her aim will be more inaccurate. In return, Rose will be able to count on a series of unique powers, which however will have a purely defensive function in the fights. They will also be at the center of some of the puzzles offered by the DLC.

Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Roses

Shadows of Rose will take us back to the Dimitrescu Castle of Resident Evil Village, but that this will not be the only location in the DLC. The developers have described the environments as “distorted”, with rooms and objects not being where they should be. The level design has also changed from the original game, suggesting that the DLC will become increasingly distorted and psychedelic as the adventure progresses.

The Capcom developers have also revealed that there is in Shadows of Rose a great “mystery” that it will be revealed before the end of the expansion and that all monsters and characters have deeper meanings than it might initially seem. For this reason they believe that playing the DLC a second time after discovering the “truth” will give players a different perspective on the experience as a whole. Furthermore, it seems that not all creatures will be dangerous for Rose and it will be up to the player to understand which characters and monsters could give him a hand and which instead represent a threat.

We remind you that the Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose DLC will be available from October 28, 2022. If you haven’t read it yet, here’s our proven adventure starring Rose Winters.

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