Resistance, MotorStorm, SOCOM and Sly Cooper will return to PS5, due to a rumor

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Resistance, MotorStorm, SOCOM, Sly Cooper and other classic Sony intellectual property are about to make their return to PS5, leaker Foxy reported.

After talking about The Last of Us Remake, which he says will have a longer history and amazing graphics, the youtuber reported this further rumorspecifying however that it is news from other sources, which he has no way of verifying.

“I cannot verify information reported by others, but I will share it anyway for those who may be of interest: Resistance, MotorStorm, SOCOM, Sly Cooper and some others are reported to classic intellectual properties are about to return, “Foxy wrote.

The Resistance series has been deeply tied to the story of PS3with the first episode among the launch titles of the console, while there is now an increasingly insistent talk of a possible return of SOCOM.

MotorStorm is also a brand linked to PlayStation 3with the last main chapter, Apocalypse, published in 2011. Sly Cooper is instead an intellectual property born on PlayStation 2 and subsequently landed also on PS3 and PS Vita.

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