Road 96 will also arrive soon on PlayStation and Xbox

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Road 96 has a period of also released on PlayStation and Xboxafter being initially launched on PC and Nintendo Switch last summer, thus becoming a more complete multi-platform title and reaching a greater amount of users.

Digixart has announced that Road 96 will arrive on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S in theApril 2022still without a precise release date but with a well-defined period, if nothing else, almost a year after the original launch on PC and Nintendo Switch.

It is a very special game: Road 96 is a ‘narrative adventure that has some elements of the roguelike which stages a journey in search of freedom.

The protagonist of Road 96, which we can choose between several possibilities, wants to escape from his country of Petria – which has many elements in common with Trump’s America – to find his way elsewhere and outside a country that has oppressive aspects.

The journey becomes a real adventure, consisting of various scenes that are chained to each other in a different way at each run, also allowing them to be experienced differently based on the choices made and the unlocked skills that remain even from game to game. match, as in a kind of roguelite. To get to know it better, we refer you to our Road 96 review.

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