Rocksmith+: Official release date announced, game still exists

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Ubisoft has surprisingly announced the release date officer of Rocksmith+, a game that was thought to have disappeared into thin air and which is instead alive and well. In fact, we will be able to play it starting from 6 September 2022, that is in a very few days.

What is Rocksmith+? Let’s read what the official website says:
Learn and play your favorite songs online on acoustic guitar, electric guitar or bass. Rocksmith+’s proven method allows you to get real-time feedback and offers you the best learning tools, as well as a vast library of various song arrangements that are constantly updated. Join millions of people who have already enriched their lives with music!

In short, it is a game designed to teach the principles of the guitar in an easy and effective way.

Ubisoft also launched a competition which allows you to win Gibson or Epiphone electric guitars. To participate you must start from the official page and register.

However, let’s read the details of the methods of participation and prizes:


Contest prizes 1

The competition takes place from August 30 to September 2, 2022, 18:00. Two winners will be selected on September 2 and notified by email within a week.

Matt Heafy Les Paul Custom Origins 6-String, Ebony
The new signature model designed in collaboration with Matt Heafy, extraordinary talent of Trivium.

Adam Jones Les Paul Standard, Antique Silver Burst
An iconic instrument from Adam Jones, one of rock’s most talented and innovative guitarists, of the multi-platinum and multi-Grammy Award winning band Tool.


Competition prizes 2

Competition prizes 2

It takes place from September 2 to September 6, 2022 at 18:00. Two winners will be selected on September 6 and notified by email within a week.

Jerry Cantrell Les Paul Custom Prophecy, Bone white
Custom-crafted for the Alice in Chains guitarist, the new Jerry Cantrell Les Paul Custom Prophecy represents the perfect marriage of modern and traditional features.

Rex Brown Signature Thunderbird Bass
Rex Brown is known for his stage performances and for changing the face of rock n roll with bands such as Pantera and Down.

Rocksmith+ was announced at E3 2021, but has since disappeared from the radar.

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