Russia-Ukraine War: CD Projekt donates over 200,000 euros for humanitarian aid

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Yesterday there Russia invaded Ukraine, bringing war to Europe and upsetting the Ukrainian people. As a gesture of solidarity with their “neighbors”, CD Projekt REDthe home of The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 based in Poland, has posted a message on social and donated over 200,000 euros in favor of the victims of the Ukrainian people.

“The recent invasion of Ukraine, of our friends and neighbors, has shocked and outraged us”, reads the post by CD Projekt Red on Twitter, where he announces that he has donated 1 million Złoty, or about 216,000 euros, to Polska Akcja Humanitarna (PAH), a Polish-based humanitarian organization which is actively helping the Ukrainian people in this crisis.

“In solidarity with all the victims of this aggression, the CD Projekt Group has decided to support the efforts for humanitarian aid by donating PLN 1 million to PAH. We cannot remain indifferent to such injustices and ask everyone to join us and help in any way they can. Together we can make a big difference! ”

CD Projekt RED’s is undoubtedly admirable and we hope it will inspire other similar initiatives. In this regard, 11 bit studios also showed their support by deciding to donate the proceeds of This War of Mine to the Red Cross, while Ukrainian development houses such as GSC, the authors of Stalker 2, have launched appeals on social networks.

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