Russian-Ukrainian War: TG2 sends footage of a missile attack, but it’s a video game

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The TG2 aired a video game footage, passing it off as a missile attack from the Russo-Ukrainian war. The national news report was about a “rocket shower” falling on Ukraine, but it actually showed a video of War Thunder, Gaijin Entertainment’s military free-to-play video game.

During the same edition of the news, the video of a military parade in 2020, passed off as a bombing of Kiev. It must be said that in this case the original mistake was made by Il Sole 24 Ore, only to be taken up by TG1 and, in fact, TG2.

Evidently the outbreak of the war has made the hunger for news and video material strong, leading some to make some mistakes. Of course, it is always a certain effect to see a video game mistaken for a real fact, above all because it is particularly dramatic.

Of course, it must be said that in this case it would have been enough to look at the movie in full screen to realize the origin or, at least, the fact that it is graphics and not reality.

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