Sackboy: A Great Adventure costs more on PS5 than on PC, users are wondering why

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How come Sackboy: A Great Adventure it costs less up pc what up PS5 (and PS4)? Many users started wondering after the announcement of the game’s arrival on Steam and the Epic Games Store. That is, why is there a difference of ten euros between the two versions (€59.99 against €69.99), given above all that the PC version will be more advanced from a technical point of view (slightly, but anyhow)?

In reality it must be said that the gap exists only for the European edition of the game, given that in the USA the price is $59.99 for both versions. It should also be remembered that traditionally on PC games almost always cost something less, due to the greater sensitivity of users to pricing policiesso much so that PC games have not suffered much from the increases they had on consoles with the transition to the new generation of consoles.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that other PlayStation games have also launched on PC with lower prices than consoles, despite the graphical improvements, so we’re not talking about a Sackboy novelty. Of course, the problem remains that leaving prices on PC at the level of the previous generation, it becomes difficult to justify the increases on consoles by talking about higher development costs due to the new generation consoles.

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