Scalebound, Hideki Kamiya still believes in it: he will talk to Microsoft about it

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Scalebound it is not a closed speech: Hideki Kamiya he still believes in the project, as do his colleagues in PlatinumGames, and plans to discuss it with Microsoft as soon as possible.

Last November Kamiya said that Scalebound was a difficult project in 2014 but possible today, and strengthened by this conviction, he continues to say he wants to do it, so much to do an appeal to Phil Spencer directly.

“Kamiya always says she wants to work on Scalebound,” Atsushi Inaba, CEO of PlatinumGames, told IGN Japan. “Both of them we really want to develop the game, and I’m not talking about a simple purpose, something like ‘if one day I get the chance’. I want to talk to Microsoft about it appropriately. ”

“There are so many possibilities and I believe that Microsoft has no choice but to employ that intellectual property in some way!”, Said Hideki Kamiya, who then appealed directly to the CEO of Microsoft Gaming: “Phil, let’s do this together!

In short, the last word for Scalebound is not said and from the ashes of the original project something very interesting could be born, also and above all from the point of view of the Redmond house and its desire to work more often with Japanese authors.

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