Scalebound: Kamiya confirmed she wasn’t kidding by saying she wanted to resurrect him

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Hideki Kamiya he wasn’t kidding when he said he would like to resurrect Scaleboundproject for Xbox One traumatically canceled during the last generation, more precisely in 2017.

His statements attracted general interest, so much so that Video Games Chronicles reached out to him to interview him, asking him about the matter. The new vice president of PlatinumGames he then confirmed his will, initially commenting on people’s disbelief: “I think it’s really weird because, to be honest, I’ve done a lot of interviews since the closing of the project and I think I’ve said many times that I would like to resurrect it.

Then he stated that as an author he would like to see the finished project and added that: “I know the fans really want to play it and I’m sorry I can’t give it to them when I hear them ask for it.

Then he added: “It’s something I thought I had said, or tried to communicate for years. I have stated this in previous interviews and I have not had a reaction, but now, finally, there was a big one and I was happy with it. However, no, I’m not kidding: I’m very serious on the subject.

The interviewer then asked him if PlatinumGames is already in contact with Microsoft for Scalebound. Kamiya replied that he could neither confirm nor deny anything. He then added as an experienced troll that the development studio could be in talks with Microsoft, but also with Nintendo, Sony, Capcom, Konami or anyone else.

Just recently Kamiya had taken full responsibility for closing Scalebound.

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