Scalebound: Microsoft has never requested co-op multiplayer, reveals the producer

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For a few days now we have been talking about Scaleboundgiven Hideki Kamiya’s insistence on the desire to resurrect the game, and it is interesting a background revealed by JP Kellams, ex-producer of PlatinumGameswho reported that Microsoft it has nothing to do with inserting the cooperative multiplayer in the title then deleted.

It is an interesting detail because it overturns the narrative that was created around Scalebound and its famous one cancellationwhich joins the apology made some time ago by Kamiya about the responsibility for the problems that emerged in the course of development.

Responding to a Twitter user who reiterated the somewhat consolidated vision in the gamer community, namely the fact that the game would have been a great single player if Microsoft hadn’t forced them to include 4-player cooperative multiplayer, Jean Pierre Kellams reported: “Them who, exactly? Because I was the creative producer and it was I who presented the project before the deal was even signed, no one ever talked about it. It was literally ALWAYS 4-player cooperative multiplayer.”

The narrative constituted in the gamer community has always seen the failure of Scalebound as derived from Microsoft’s request to include 4-player cooperative multiplayer in a game that seemed set up for single player, however, forcing PlatinumGames into an area with which it was less familiar, but apparently there was no basis on which to build these conditions.

Just as Kamiya had hinted that the project management problems also derived from Platinum, Kellams’ statement reveals another interesting background, namely the fact that it was the Japanese development team that wanted to try the path of cooperative multiplayer right from the start. ‘Start. Meanwhile, Hideki Kamiya has once again reported that he still believes in Scalebound and wants to talk to Microsoft about it, adding that he is not joking at all.

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