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During the Gamescom 2022 Future Games Show, the announcement of SCP: Secret Files, a title made by GameZoo Studio that offers a wide variety of gaming experiences, from puzzle horror to retro-style adventures. At the head of the news you will find the first trailer official.

SCP: Secret Files is a collection of cases from the fictional SCP Foundation, an organization tasked with containing dangerous anomalies.

As the assistant of Dr. Raymond Hamm the player will examine various cases related to as many game experiences, very different from each other, which mix various genres and themes, including horror, science fiction, comedy, mythology, comforting stories or tearjerkers.

“What if I told you that this world has another face? Beyond our common sense, the order of our world may be under threat of numerous absurdities. People have never seen them: a creature that kills anyone see its face, a cult capable of causing worldwide disasters, everyday objects with supernatural powers and other monstrosities beyond our understanding. A line of defense protects us mortals; a mysterious foundation has pledged to “secure, contain and oversee” these anomalies: the SCP Foundation”reads the official description.

“SCP: Secret Files offers a wide variety of gaming experiences. Investigate a mysterious hydroelectric plant, immerse yourself in a reassuring fairy tale or sink into a bizarre world with a “retro” flavor. Each story has an atmosphere, mechanics and a cast of characters all his own.”

SCP: Secret Files will be available on PC later 2022while the console versions will debut in 2023.

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