Sega Genesis / Mega Drive: Launched an online database with all console games

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Online a new database which shows all the games Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, including lots of documentation. This is the first step of the VG Complete project, which aims to be a reference point from the point of view of the preservation of the history of video games, also expanding to other platforms.

An example of a database card

The VG Complete database is really rich and curated. The games are presented in alphabetical order, all with their original cover (US version). Clicking on a cover opens the page of the related game which contains general information (Console, territory, publisher, developer, genre, year of release, number of players, game modes), the back cover, the image of the cartridge , at least one screenshot and at least one video of the game. To enrich everything there is also a brief description, taken from MobyGames, and a PDF file with the manual. Currently the manuals are not available for all games, but the author of the database is slowly loading them. Considering that it is an individual job it is truly remarkable.

Note the possibility of changing the territory of the game, where possible, so as to be able to see the differences in packaging between the various editions.

VG Complete – Sega Genesis / Mega Drive

The next consoles that should be added to the VG Complete database are expected to be NES, Super NES, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and Dreamcast.

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