Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 officially confirmed also in Europe with release date

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Sega has finally dissolved the doubts regarding the arrival of Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 in Europeofficially confirming the launch complete with release datewhich corresponds to the forecast for North America, i.e. October 27, 2022.

“Welcome to the next level! Mega happy to confirm that Mega Drive Mini 2 (in Europe) will arrive on October 27, the same day as Genesis 2 in North America”, reads the tweet of the official Sega account, visible below.

There hadn’t been one so far official confirmation of the arrival of the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 in Europe, also because the distribution of this new mini console in the West seems to be rather difficult, given that according to reports, stocks will be very limited outside Japan.

However, at least we have confirmation that there will be an official distribution in the Old Continent. In the meantime, the complete lineup of Mega Drive Mini 2 and Genesis Mini 2 has been unveiled just in the last few hours, which also includes some Sega CD (or Mega CD) games, as well as unreleased games for the West, in some cases.

THE preorder of the new mini-console will open in September in Europe, and for those interested it might be a good idea to reserve a unit before they sell out, considering that the amount of consoles seems to be about a tenth of what characterized the first Sega Mega Drive Mini, according to reports from the company.

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