Semiconductor crisis, a 43 billion European plan emerges

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Europe has decided to tackle the semiconductor crisisthat is to say that set of problems that for a couple of years has clearly conditioned the availability of certain IT products, with a floor from ben 43 billion of Euro.

Some time ago we wrote an article on the reasons that led to the semiconductor crisis, the reason why it is almost impossible to find a PS5one Xbox Series X or one GPU last generation.

Well, theEuropean Chops Actadopted this week by the European Commission, aims to double chip production in Europe, taking it from 9% to 20% by 2030. In short, we are not talking about a quick solution, but a long-term one.

“You all know that the semiconductor crisis has substantially slowed our resilience,” said Ursula von der Leyden, president of the European Commission. “We have seen production lines stall, for example in the automotive sector.”

“While demand increased at the same time, we were unable to offer the necessary products due to a lack of chips. So the European Chips Act comes at absolutely the right time.”

As previously reported, the US is also working in this direction to solve the semiconductor problem by financing production centers in the area.

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